Welcome to my website where I post garbage that I find interesting, for my future self and whomever else it may concern. I've been collecting stuff scattered around text files and notebooks for a while, and decided to compile it all on a personal website, because why the hell not. Frankly, everyone should host their own website. Fuck Facebook, etc.
     Site will forever be work-in-progress.

The Soapbox: Mostly incoherent ramblings and short essays about topics close to my heart.

Links: Some interesting things spread around the interwebs that may be worth checking out.

Lainchan webring: I'm participating in the Lainchan webring. Find other participants' websites here.

War birds: Models and small info cards about aeroplanes of the second world war and later.

Manga collection: A list of my favourite manga, featuring illustrative covers and short reviews.

Gallery: A collection of photographs I've captured over the years, mostly of nature and beautiful scenery.

About me: Short description of yours truly.

Posted: 2021-03-09
Edited: 2021-09-22