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About me


nick: hb11f (duh), and a few other

email: mail@hb11f.net

BTC wallet: 13bGertvxKiGf9Rim5j4bqYpKb4uvgL2f6

ETH wallet: 0xaa8696b7de30f1511ca4387d84fae98a562637f

PGP key: key.pub

PGP fingerprint: <D29F 85C2 7CCA F270 18D1 B7F4 89DF A2BD 6B10 92F1>

Desktop: Desktop

Laptop: Thinkpad x200s

Server: PowerEdge R720


     I'm a European CE student in my early 20s. I always find myself jumping from one obsession to the next, but the stable points in my life seem to be my love for programming and manga. I also maintain an interest in electronics, music, model airplanes, space, classical literature, cooking, hiking, disc golf, and writing my own short stories and essays.
     English is not my first language, so please have some patience if I struggle to express myself. Sometimes I forget that it is in fact my third language, since I don't socialize very much outside of the internet.
     I exclusively run linux on my machines, and my go-to distribution is Arch for its fantastic user repository and wiki, but at the moment I'm experimenting with Void as a potential replacement. I wouldn't consider myself a full-blown Stallman evangelist, but it's good to ask yourself whether there is a viable open source alternative any time you install a piece of software.

Posted: 2021-10-05
Edited: 2022-02-10