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Some Japanese comics that I'm a fan of. Maybe I'll write some reviews at some point.

Tsukumizu - Shimeji Simulation
A 4-koma slice of life full of nihilism, absurdist humour and philosophical ponderings.

Tsukumizu - Girl's Last Tour
Two girls travel through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of civilization and signs of life.

Sakurai Norio - Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu
A cute and edgy little chuuni falls in love with a tall and dorky girl.

Yokota Takuma - Chikan Otoko
An otaku from 2ch is mistaken for a stalker, and falls in love with one of his accuser's friends.

Yokota Takuma - Sesuji wo Pin!
Two class mates decide to join the dance club, and end up dedicating themselves to competitive dance.

Yokota Takuma - Onani Master Kurosawa
A story about a depraved high-schooler who takes revenge on the bullies in his class by masturbating in their lockers, and his subsequent redemption.

Yokota Takuma - Subete no Jinrui wo Hakai Suru. Sorera wa Saisei Dekinai.
A nostalgic story about Magic: the gathering in it's heyday.

Kaoru Mori - Otoyomegatari
A thoroughly researched and gripping story about marriage customs around central Asia in the late 19th century.

Kaoru Mori - Emma
A Victorian era maid falls in love with her aristocratic employer, and they do their best to maintain a relationship despite society's disapproval.

Ojiro Makoto - Neko no Otera no Chion-san
The daily life of a boy living in a temple ran by his older childhood friend and her grandmother.

Ojiro Makoto - Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia
Two class mates suffering from insomnia become friends and decide to revive the local astronomy club.

Ojiro Makoto - Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki
Two mismatched childhood friends experience love together.

Masuda Eiji - Jitsu wa Watashi wa
The worst liar known to man discovers that his crush is a vampire, and has to keep that secret at all costs.

Kishi Torajirou - Otome no Teikoku
Follow a host of lesbian couples on their journey through high school.

Kuwabara Taku - Kuutei Dragons
Epic story about a motley crew of dragon hunters soaring through the sky in a giant zeppelin.

Tsukushi Akihito - Made in Abyss
No one has ever seen the bottom of the abyss, but one day Riko receives a letter from her lost mother who claims to be waiting for her at the bottom of the dark deep.

Amazume Ryuta - Nana to Kaoru
A story radiating insane levels of sexual tension, as it follows two high-schoolers on their BDSM adventures.

Yayoi Sou - ReLife
A burnt out salaryman decides to take a pill to relive his high school days, only he will forget all his new friends once the effect wears off.

Hasekura Isuna - Spice and Wolf
A travelling merchant is accompanied by a vixen fox god, and together they work towards the dream of opening their own shop.

Mizukami Satoshi - Spirit Circle
Two souls get reincarnated again and again to continue their eternal feud throughout the ages.

Shirahama Kamome - Witch Hat Atelier
Coco becomes a witch's apprentice in order to save her mother, but there is something deeply rotten in the organized world of magic.

Ashinano Hitoshi - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
A robot called Alpha lives a quiet life on a dying earth, waiting for her absent owner.

Azuma Kiyohiko - Yotsuba to!
An adoptive five-year-old can be a lot to handle for a single parent, especially when the kid is as curious and whacky as Yotsuba.

Douman Seiman - Melancholia
A ridiculous web of interconnected short stories featuring time travel, perverts, two omnipotent god-creatures, intergalactic cats, mass murderers and the apocalypse.

Posted: 2021-10-05
Edited: 2022-02-10