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The Soapbox

     As the title states this is where I will be spouting my, often ill-informed and poorly researched, opinions on a wide range of matters. I will mostly be sharing shower thoughts that I consider compelling enough to deserve being preserved in a more permanent form. What I find interesting might range all the way from politics to theories about obscure manga.
     This section is not named "The Soapbox" because I intend to spout controversies, more so because I will not maintain any type of comment section or bilateral discussion. Feel free to send an angry email calling me retarded, though. I am starved for attention. Honestly, I have no idea if people will want to read my ramblings or if I'm just broadcasting garbage into the ether.

[2022-03-16] I think my brain is broken: A little blog post about my patterns of thought.

[2022-02-11] I added an RSS feed

[2022-02-11] Anyone else feel incapable of ever completing anything?

[2021-10-05] The Magic of Kamome Shirahama's Witch Hat Atelier: I wrote a little thing about the magic in Shirahama Kamome's acclaimed manga.

[2021-08-22] Dune (2021): Watched the new Dune movie, I guess.

[2021-07-17] Erotica, Chapter 1: I was horny and wrote some pr0n.

Posted: 2021-07-17
Edited: 2022-03-16